Youth Accounts

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WesKids Savings

A free savings account for kids 12 & under to be interactive and begin learning about the importance of banking. A WesKids savings can be opened with a parent or guardian’s signature as a joint account owner. This is perfect for parents to share with them and even start an allowance. Your child will receive a piggy bank upon opening their WesKids account. Then, bring in the piggy bank filled up and we’ll match the first deposit up to $10.00! As the child gets older it can be changed to a teen account for more privileges.

WesTeen Checking

A free checking account for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 to develop their banking skills. A WesTeen checking account can be opened with a parent or guardian’s signature as a joint account owner. Teens will receive a debit card and one free box of checks when opening. This account is designed for students, first job holders, allowing them to get comfortable with banking.

WesTeen Savings

A free savings account for teenagers to link to their checking and start saving for their future! No minimum balance requirements allow them to save without worry!

Minor Savings

A savings account where the parent/guardian has control and holds the funds to save for the child.

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