Save To Win!

Be a Winner with Save to Win®!

From now until December 31, 2022, it will pay to save! When you open a Save to Win account, you’re not only saving money for yourself; but you’re also saving for a chance to win even more money!

Here’s how:

A Save to Win account is a qualifying certificate where you could win money by simply saving money. Your deposit will earn you 1 entry into a Prize Drawing* for every $25 increase in this account. We will randomly draw a winner monthly for a $25 cash prize and quarterly for up to $5,000! Savings Promotion Raffle.

It’s so easy to get started! If you have not yet opened a Save To Win account, you can simply add this account over the phone. For your friends and family who are not yet members, and would like to participate in this drawing, they can join online (click here) or or stop by to visit us.

Saving and winning has never been easier!

*Click here for the Official Account and Prize Entry Rules. **There is a maximum of ten (10) entries per month for the Raffle.

Fraud Prevention Tips

Every year, fraudsters coax billions of dollars away from American consumers, but here’s some helpful tips for our members to help minimize your risk.

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7.99% APR*

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