It’s All About The Kids!


Teaching our kids to be a saver is something that will help them now and later in life. You can start by bringing them with you to the Credit Union and explaining that your Credit Union helps keep your money safe.

Better yet, start an account for them at the Credit Union and let them participate in making a deposit. Showing them the importance of saving and how it works will help set our young members on the right financial path. Together, we can encourage young members to develop healthy saving habits and ensure that their Credit Union is there to help them on their journey.

It’s the perfect time to come in and open a kids account. And if you already have a kids account, go on a coin hunt and bring all the coins you find to us to deposit in your account.

For all coin deposits into a kids account, we will match up to the first $10.00.

We will also have some fun activities and giveaway items to share with them. Having your kids visit us is not only fun for us, but hopefully fun for them too!

Annual Meeting

All members are invited to attend our 2024 Annual Meeting! This is a hybrid event held on Microsoft Teams and in-person.


*APR as low as, ask for details. All rates are dependent on your credit rating.