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Western CT and SoundView are Partnering Up2023-11-21T19:38:57+00:00

Western CT and SoundView are Partnering Up

Member Vote Now in Process – Ending on June 8th at 4:30pm

Western CT and SoundView have received regulatory approval from the National Credit Union Association and Western CT Members now have the opportunity to vote on the merger proposal.

We are excited to bring to you a proposal and plan to partner up with SoundView Financial Credit Union. The intention of this partnership is to strengthen our ability to deliver on our commitment to bring you the highest level of service and the best products that we can offer you. By choosing SoundView, we are able to work with another community credit union that also greatly values every member. And with both credit unions bringing significant contributions to the partnership we add value to what each credit union already represents.

As part of the partnership you can rely on the same Member Care Team serving you today to be a part of the combined organization. And our current Board of Directors will be joining the SoundView Board to create a partnership that includes a strong representation from both sides to ensure both sets of members are well represented.

Enclosed you will find the formal notice of our proposal to combine organizations along with a member ballot. As you consider this, we encourage you to reach out and ask questions as needed so you can complete and return your ballot. This member voting process is part of what makes credit unions unique and we want you to be involved with this important decision.

It is important that as part of the proposal you are able to understand how you and your accounts will be impacted. Here is what we know and can share with you:

  • You will continue to call, email or visit our office just as you do now.
  • Your account will remain as is, and everything will work as it does now. This means your debit card, online login and all the ways you do business now will stay intact.
  • We will continue to offer all the same services, loans, and add to those offerings as we combine operations with SoundView.
  • With the entire Western CT staff remaining, you will still hear the same friendly voices and meet some people as you get to know the SoundView Team.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have. You can reach us by phone at 203.791.9399 or by email at

Common Questions

How will my account be affected?2022-12-06T21:18:12+00:00
You can expect business as usual following the legal merger as no immediate changes or action will be needed by you. You will continue to access your accounts, manage them as you currently do and be serviced by your existing Member Care Team. We are committed to a seamless transition of any operational changes made between our organizations.
Will my accounts continue to be insured?2023-02-15T20:33:38+00:00
Yes. Your accounts will continue to remain well protected and insured. Your deposits are federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration for up to $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. If you have accounts at both Western CT and SoundView, that equal or exceed $250,000 when combined, please contact us for further information at 203-791-9399.
Will the Credit Union Office Remain?2022-12-06T21:18:12+00:00
Yes! The credit union will remain at 2 Stony Hill Rd, Bethel, CT.
Will Staff be impacted by the merger?2022-12-06T21:18:12+00:00
All staff will continue to work for the future organization. The board and management of both credit unions are committed to retaining all staff during and after the transition.
What will happen to our Board of Directors?2023-02-15T16:07:02+00:00
As part of making this a true partnership of our organizations, the new organization will be supported by 4 members from Western CT’s board and 5 members from SoundView’s board. This board member structure provides for representation from both sets of membership in driving the future direction of the combined entity.
When is the merger expected to take place?2023-02-15T16:11:14+00:00
Following regulatory approval and a positive member vote, we anticipate completing the legal merger at some point between July and September, 2023. You can expect “business as usual” up to and after the legal merger date. We will however, keep you notified and updated as we move along through this process.

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