Online Shopping Tips

Be Safe, Shop Safe

Now more than ever before, people are shopping online to avoid large crowds in shopping malls and stores. Since this is more common than years prior, we want to make sure you are shopping safely. Here are a few tips when online shopping to avoid fraud especially during the holiday season:

  • Shop at companies you trust
  • Think before you click: Beware of ads encouraging you to click  on links. Instead go directly to the company’s website to verify the  offer is legitimate.
  • Look for the “lock” icon in the corner of the URL. Also, ensure the URL starts with “https” (hyper text transfer protocol secure) if the URL  does not contain the “s” after “http” then the webpage is not secure.
  • Be aware of the information they are asking you
  • Avoid “free” trials: If it is something you legitimately want to try, read  the fine print to avoid larger charges later on.
  • Shop at home: Use secure Wi-Fi and avoid using public Wi-Fi when  making purchases
  • Use a strong password
  • Watch out for social media ads, email scams, and text messaging

Keep track of the purchases you make with our mobile app and check your transactions regularly. With online banking access, you can view your transaction history and statements to avoid fraudulent charges.

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