Fee Schedules

Share Savings and Checking Account Fees

Replacement Visa Check Card$10.00
Card Order Rush Fee$65.00
Visa Check Card Savings Use Fee$1.50/item
Visa Check Card Dispute Items$15.00 ea
Copy of Credit Union Check$5.00
Copy of Member Check (free if pulled online)$3.00
Copy of Statement (ANY month, free if pulled online)$5.00
Paper Statement Fee (waived if under age 18 or over age 62) $2.00 per stmt
Stop Payment Request (Credit Union Checks)$25.00
Stop Payment Order (Member check or ACH)$25.00
Stop Payment on Reoccurring POS Withdrawals$35.00
Online Bill Payment (if inactive for 3 mos. or more)$5.00 per month
Returned Deposit Item$25.00
Overdraft Item Fee $35.00
(Above for paid or returned items from non-sufficient/uncollected funds)
Overdraft Transfer Fee$10.00
(Above fee applies per item covered via internal account transfer)
Courtesy Pay (overdraft item paid)$32.00
Courtesy Pay Mini (for items causing overdraft less than $25.00) $18.00
NOTE: Courtesy Pay Fees only apply to eligible Premium Checking account holders. All overdrafts outside the Courtesy Program limits and overdrafts on non-eligible Premium Checking and Basic Checking accounts subject to standard Overdraft Item Fee. Ask for more details and how to become eligible for Courtesy Pay.
Third Party Checks (Credit Union check)$5.00 ea
Member Checks (in excess of one per day)$3.00 ea.
Close Saving Account (within 90 days of opening)$10.00
Close Checking Account (within 90 days of opening) $25.00
“Basic” Savings Reg. D Fee
Excessive Third Party Transfers of electronic withdrawals According to Federal Regulations –Reg. D.
$15.00 ea
Premium Account Fees
For Premium Savings and Premium Checking accounts a Service fee will be imposed each month if the average daily balance of all deposit accounts falls below $1000. This does not apply to members under the age of 21 or over 62.
Basic Account Fee
If balance falls below $300.00 at any point during the month then a service fee is charged once a month.

Checks and Checkbook Charges

All checks and checkbook charges will be paid by the member. Since styles and prices may change without notice, please contact a member service representative for current selections and prices. Mini books available at branch free of charge, ask for details.

Money Market Accounts

Minimum Balance Fee (If balance falls below $2000.)$10.00
Money Market Reg. D Fee
Excessive third party transfers or electronic withdrawals according to the federal Regulations-Reg. D.
$15.00 ea.

Business Accounts

Service Fee covers up to 30 deposited items and 50 withdrawal transactions per month. The service fee may be increased if the activity exceeds these limits.$12.00 per month

Individual Retirement Accounts

Third Party Transfer/Rollover$30.00
Health Savings Transfer/Close Fee No other service fees or annual fees apply for IRAs.$30.00

Club Accounts

Holiday Club Early Withdrawal Fee (waived Nov/Dec)$15.00 ea.
Vacation Club (2 withdrawals free per calendar year)$15.00 ea.

Miscellaneous Fees

Research Work/Account Reconciliation (1-hour Minimum)$25.00 per hour
Inactivity Fee (after 18 months of inactivity)$5.00 per month
Return mail due to bad address$3.00 each
Foreign Deposit Item Collection Fee$10.00 ea. check
Non-Branch Currency Deposit$10.00 ea. Deposit
Non-Member Transaction Fee for check cashing$10.00 ea. Check
Wire Transfer Outgoing Domestic$25.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing Foreign$40.00
Wire Transfer Incoming$10.00
Next Day Electronic Transfer$5.00
Coin Processing Handling Fee
No Charge for coin deposits to WesKids or WesTeen Accounts or Minor Accounts

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