Fee Schedule

Effective as of 7/1/2014
Premium Savings and Checking Account Minimum Balance Fees*
A monthly maintenance fee will be assessed each month if the event that the combined amount of all deposit accounts falls below $1,000.00. Members under age 21 and over age 62 are exempt.
*Call us to see if this applies to your account 203-791-9399.
Basic Savings Account Minimum Balance
A monthly maintenance fee will be assessed each month if the balance in your Basic Savings account falls below $200.00

Share Savings and Checking Account Fees
VISA Check Card Replacement $10.00
VISA Check Card PIN Reminder $5.00
VISA Check Card Fee - applies to purchases and foreign ATM Withdrawals made from a savings account $1.50 per transaction
VISA Check Card - Special Payment* Cancellation Fee
*only available for some payment types, please call for more information.
$35.00 per request
VISA Check Card Disputed Item - must speak to a Member Service Representative for details $15.00 per Item
Stop Payment Fee - must speak to a Member Service Representative for details $20.00 per Credit Union Check
$20.00 per Member Check
$20.00 per ACH (electronic item)
Return Deposit Item $25.00 per Item
Online Bill Payment - if inactive and no payments made for 3 months or more $5.00 each month
Third Party Credit Union Check $3.00 per Check
Multiple Credit Union Checks - in excess of one check per day $3.00 per Check
NSF Return tems - applies to Member Checks and ACH (electronic) Items $26.00 per Item
Overdraft Protection Transfer - Automatic transfer of funds from savings to checking to cover overdraft items $10.00 per Item
Courtesy Pay Fee (program restrictions apply, ask for details) $30.00 per Item
Uncollected Return Items - Funds in the Checking Account are being held $20.00 per Item
Close Savings Account Fee - if closed within 90 days of opening $10.00
Close Checking Account Fee - if closed within 90 days of opening $25.00
Statement Copy Fee - may include research fee if more than 1 year $5.00 for ANY month
Paper Statement Fee - waived for members age 62 or older $1.00 per month
Copy of member check $3.00
Copy of Credit Union Check $5.00
"Basic Savings" Reg. D Fee - Excessive third party transfers or electronic withdrawals according to Federal Regulations - Reg. D $15.00 per item

Money Market Accounts
Regulation D Violation - Excessive, third party checks, transfers, or electronic withdrawals $15.00 per Item
Minimum Balance Fee - for balances below $2,000.00 $10.00 per month

Business Accounts
Monthly Checking Account Service Fee
Business checking is designed for accounts with fewer than 30 deposit items and 50 share drafts. If the account exceeds this level of activity, the service fee may be increased.
$10.00 per month

IRA Servicing
Third Party Transfer/Rollover $30.00
Health Savings Transfer/Close Out Fee $30.00

Miscellaneous Fees
Research Work - minimum rate of 1 hour $25.00 per hour
Levies $50.00
Electronic Transfers - next day transfers or payment(alternative to wire transfer) $5.00
Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing) $25.00 domestic
$35.00 foreign
Wire Transfer Deposit Fee (Incoming) $8.00
Foreign Check Collection Fee $10.00
Non-Branch Currency Deposit (Deposit drop at Danbury Hospital) $10.00 ea. deposit
Holiday Club Early Withdrawal - any withdrawal requested prior to disbursement date $15.00
Vacation Club Withdrawal - can withdraw funds up to 2 times per Calendar year $15.00 each additional
Return mail due to bad address $3.00 each
Coin Processing/Handling Fee - for large coin deposits over $100.00 that are rolled. Fee applies to all loose coin processing. Fee waived for coin processing when deposited into a wesKids or wesTeen Accounts. 3% of total coin with a $5.00 minimum
Inactive Fee - after 18 months of inactivity $5.00 per month

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