Online Access

Online Access

Our website contains an array of online features for you to conveniently access from your home or office! Use the links below to manage your checking, savings or mortage account.

Internet Banking/Bill Pay
Health Savings Account

With all of these online services right at your fingertips, you can do most of your banking without ever having to come into a branch! Our most popular online service is Internet Banking, which has its own link right on our homepage.

In addition, mobile applications, loan applications, a payment calculator, and check reordering are also available online.

Internet Banking & Online Bill Pay

Internet Banking
With WCFCU's Internet Banking system, you can quickly and conveniently access your account anytime. With all of the exciting features that Internet Banking has to offer, you are guaranteed less trips to the Credit Union!
  • Check your account balances and history
  • Transfer funds
  • Request a copy of a check or request a stop-payment
  • Download account information in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Speak to a Credit Union representative using our "Secure Messaging" feature
  • Access the Bill Pay system
  • And more!

Bill Pay
Do you feel like paying your bills is a very tedious job? You have to write out checks, fill out payment slips, lick envelopes, use stamps and then make trips to the mailbox! Wow, that's a lot of work when you really think about it. With Bill Pay from WCFCU, you can pay ALL of your bills with a click of your mouse! And when you use our Bill Pay system, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are making payments safely and securely through our website. Basically, Bill Pay offers convenience and security all rolled into one fantastic online feature!

Online Application

Our online Loan Application is available for your convenience. Your application can be filled out online and submitted to us via a secure network. Once we receive your application we will begin processing it and follow up with you for income documentation. Be sure to include the best contact number at the bottom of the form so that we can reach you. The other forms can be printed and then completed. If you have any questions please give us a call so that we can assist you!


Our online calculator can help when making important borrowing decisions, whether you are trying to decide if this is a good time to refinance your mortgage or you want to determine what car you can afford. If we can assist you this calculator, let us know.

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Internet Banking/Bill Pay
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ATM Locations
Type APR*
Personal Loans6.49%
Home Equity Line2.75%
New Auto up to 60 months2.49%
Type APY**
Save to Win! 0.552%
48 month Certificate1.359%
48 month certificate1.005%
* APR may vary month to month based on the Prime Rate. All rates disclosed are dependent on your credit rating. Other rates and terms may apply, please contact the credit union for details.
** APY as high as amount shown. APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change.